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What I plan with Wavegenius and – The Of The Stock Market


Basically I’ve been going back and forth from to seeing how they made their tech blog so successful…how many posts each day, how many words in each posts, the emphasis on pictures, the font, the entire front page design..I’m a big fan of that blog, and have been for over a decade now, and they represent success in terms of blogging, at least to me…so in the past 2-3 days I’ve modeled my own blog, which made almost a quarter million in 2013, and I know that I have extremely powerful content that can be easily monetized.

The monetization will come in premium charts and swing trade setups. I tried posting day trades for a year on, and despite the accuracy and success, nobody could keep up with me.   I realized that what people want are charts and swing trades, and this is what they will get on, along with the Freemium model that I’ve been using for years.

In the past couple days since the soft launch, I’ve gotten pretty good traffic..if not great traffic in the past 24 hours.  I realized what people want, and in the next week or two I may phase out the frenetic and crazy pace of’s intraday analysis, and focus the traffic to this website.  Intraday analysis may not be free anymore if I can push people to this valuable website with amazing content and upsell them to the Wavegenius service.

Any questions or if anybody has more suggestions, please contact me at


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